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We are an established software development shop that has constantly found ways to reinvent itself to deliver exactly what our customers have asked for. As a dedicated group of software developers, we are well grounded in our methodologies on software development and delivery, but we are also highly attuned to the changing market conditions.

We are all acutely aware of how this recession has forced buying decisions to be justified along ROI guidelines. Simply put, if you can't justify it you can't do it. Period.

T3 can help you build a business cost-benefit case that shows return for your software development investment.

We believe that when you set out to design a software solution, you must first consider what's already in place. Often solutions can be rebuilt out of existing software pieces. And when they can, you are way ahead of the game. And when they can't and it's time to build, designing components that are well thought out and implemented can be re-used throughout your organization, adding to your return.

At T3 we are dedicated to building component-based, distributed software solutions that re-use existing software when possible, regardless of platform, database or interface. We have been developing distributed software solutions since 1996 using - along the way - technologies from Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Sybase and many other vendors.

Today we are building service-based solutions on Sun ONE, Microsoft .NET and on application servers from Sybase, BEA and IBM. Without a doubt, web services will implement the next generation of distributed software business solutions. The only question is how and when will your business embrace distributed software-as-a-service solutions. You can start right now with T3's help. Just follow these three steps

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