profile what is it?
A profile is a set of data that we maintain about you so that we can correspond with you when necessary. We may send you e-mail messages from time to time regarding certain events at T3, such as product upgrade announcements. Or we may use the information to track product evaluations that are underway.

Your profile requires a Profile ID and a password to be activated. Your Profile ID is generated from a valid e-mail address and a password of your choosing. Once a valid Profile ID has been generated, it is stored on your machine in the form of a "cookie." (To learn more about cookies, try Microsoft's site.) This will allow us to "remember you" the next time a login is required. We can then pre-populate your e-mail address and password for you to simplify the login process. Either way, you will be required only once to supply profile details.

Please read our privacy policy to learn more about how we protect all data you provide us.

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