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As a full service solutions provider, we work with our clients on all aspects of line-of-business, e-business and web integration projects. From the beginning, with opportunity identification, brand development and concept analysis, to business modeling, solution design, testing and implementation, right on through roll-out, daily operations and system maintenance. We continue to work with our clients on a partnership basis, enhancing and strengthening these solutions through a results-oriented approach that adopts new technology and functionality only when it makes sense.

The bottom line is that we are a full service solutions provider for many of our clients and they look to us for advice, service and products to help them with their ongoing business challenges -- allowing us to turn these challenges into opportunities for success by increasing investment return. If we can't build it, customize or integrate it, then we partner with someone who can. Over time it has become clear that the quality custom development we've done could be commercialized into valuable products for our other clients.

One of these products that's been a run-a-way success is SiteMaestro, a system and network monitoring product family. SiteMaestro is used to manage and sustain development, testing and production environments by ensuring systems are up and have critical resources available for developers, testers and end-users alike.

SiteMaestro Professional runs as a process on each server requiring monitoring or on a server monitoring network devices -- or other servers. Any serious development, testing or production shop requires a tool like this to know the availability of servers, network devices and their resources.

Learn more about SiteMaestro at our dedicated site

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