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SiteMaestro is a system and network monitoring product used to sustain development, testing and production environments by ensuring systems are up and have critical resources available for developers, testers and end-users alike.

SiteMaestro is easy to install, use and customize and is competively priced in both a Professional and Enterprise version.

The Professional Edition contains one or more Agents. These Agents run one per monitored machine and form the basis of any SiteMaestro installation. Agents continually monitor and record vital system information. When a monitored value exceeds a threshold (which you define) the Agent generates an alarm. You can directly monitor an Agent via its embedded HTTP server using any web browser. Or you can use the Central Console (included) to monitor a group of agents.

SiteMaestro Enterprise supports central management and cascading configurations, making it simple to configure an entire site from one location. The Enterprise Edition runs on one machine and constantly receives telemetry data from each Agent on your network. It also adds new monitoring capabilities for network devices and critical applications. All monitored information is collected and stored in the central repository for either real-time or historical analysis and reporting.

Some of the scan types SiteMaestro supports are: CPU, Disk, File System, Memory, Ping, Processes, TCP, DNS, HTTP, FTP, POP, NNTP, Ports, SNMP Devices, Database (Oracle, SQL Server), Web Server/URL and Many More ...

We have a separate site dedicated entirely to SiteMaestro where you can find all the information you need, including product sheets and on-line user guides. You can also download an evaluation version for Solaris, Linux, NT or Windows 2000.

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