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T3med is a comprehensive system for managing hospitals and clinics.

The system can be used as a centralized Application Service Provider (ASP) with each hospital member having its own configuration, appointments, treatment, staff, pharmacy, and pricing yet sharing the patients repository of data. This system provides for every functional aspect of all the medical facilities and the associated process that it entails for now and for any future needs. Every user of the system is presented with a pertinent menu that allows them to maneuver freely through the various options and automate their daily tasks. Thus as many as 11 different user groups and profiles integrate seamlessly into one extensive medical system covering the entire range of functions. More profiles can be added as necessary.

T3med automates processes and integrates all medical requirements such as treatments and tests by the nurse, radiology, pharmacy, stock inventory at pharmacy, physician diagnosis, specialist referral and treatment, sick leave for employees, employee's dependents, patient's history, etc. It simplifies otherwise complex and strenuous tasks involved in the business functions. T3med automates and improves the efficiency in movement of patients and medicines or medical records between different medical providing locations, as well as tracking and providing up-to-date history and medical information for patients and their dependents. The various modules integrate seamlessly to computerize the functions of the receptionist, nurse, doctor, pharmacist, physician, radiologist, physiotherapist, computer operator, and system administrator.

Equipped with integrated features, it is designed to be suitable for single and multi-user environments; it provides an easy-to-use interface through menu windows, on-screen displays of menu options, extensive search and sort features, readily accessible calendars, and graphical representations for ease of use.

A remarkable feature of the system is itís consistency in terms of utilities, menu classification, grouping and neatly designed screens together contribute to the aesthetic appeal and user-friendly nature of this system. A unique feature of the system is the convenient grouping of all available options on a multi-faceted Cube that establishes the functionality of the system at a glance. A status bar at the base of the cube aptly summarizes each option. Each user after logging on successfully is presented with a cube that bears options pertaining to their individual functions.

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