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How can we continue with our commitment to excellent service without you? We can't -- we need you!

We know that in order to compete for extremely talented individuals -- like you -- needed to bring solutions to bear on the business problems we're solving, we will have to exceed your every expectation when it comes to your career, training, compensation and work environment. To continue to please our clients we will need your help. And we are prepared to reward you for it.

We have a comprehensive benefits package covering major medical, dental and vision. We go beyond that and offer life insurance, employee stock ownership, discretionary bonuses, profit sharing, a 401(k) plan, paid vacation, holiday and sick days.

Our HR Director works personally with each employee in order to maintain a thriving relationship between you and the company. Your performance reviews will be at least twice a year -- maybe more if you require it. You will participate in building your own professional development plan, including education, training and will track your goals and progress along with us.

You will have opportunities to work on our commercial product lines if you want. Or build solutions out of our labs (flex-timing from home). Or work on our client sites with some top companies, gaining experience with and getting exposure to new technology, methods and procedures for software development and system operation. All of this diversity, combined with a comprehensive retraining program will keep your interest high and your skills sharp.

Our employee community consists of some of the best technologists and business professionals you'll ever meet. At T3 you can work directly along side these people -- and be comfortable among folks just like yourself.

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