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As a full service solutions provider, we work with our clients on all aspects of line-of-business, e-business and web integration projects. From the beginning, with opportunity identification, strategy collaboration, brand development and concept analysis, to business modeling, solution design, testing and implementation, right on through roll-out, daily operations and system maintenance.

During the past few years the business landscape has undergone enormous transformations.

Anyone can be your competitor as the cost of entry is nil (there really are no barriers); the whole world has become your customer - and their demands are at an all time high as your competitor is only a click away; technology is the largest business driver and is so promising - yet so confounding; software development timelines and product cycles are shortened, yet system requirements are becoming more complex.

In this all digital, fully networked economy the break-neck speed at which new technology arrives and business options abound can make or break your business. You have to embrace all this technology and make these hard choices to integrate your business and all its systems - from your supply chains to your demand. To remain competitive and deliver a true value chain, you need to adapt and thrive, not just survive.

There's no question you've got be E! An e-business all the way from the back to front office, from production, warehousing, inventorying, scheduling, transportation and order fulfillment to extreme customer care. Behind the firewall too. Your employees need to be empowered; they need access to each other and timely, accurate information to collaborate, make better decisions, build better products and deliver better services. You need to manage your existing business yet take it to new heights - often with your existing staff.

You've got to have a strategy. You've got to have a better brand. You've got to have a plan. After all e-business is still business -- just with a whole new set of challenges.

You're not alone -- and T3 can help!

We work with our clients on a partnership basis, enhancing and strengthening our solutions with a results-oriented approach that adopts new technology and functionality only when it makes sense.

We will build your solution and we will build it right. Our solutions encompass and champion engineering necessities (not niceties): reliability, performance, scalability and manageability. You know, the things required by enterprise solutions. Software that is not maintainable, scalable and reliable is a jeopardy to the big ROI you're seeking and - just maybe - your job. Learn about our proven approach to software design and integration as well as our development tools and technology platforms on the other pages in this section.

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