services approach
We realize that to become an enterprise partner company, we must earn our client's trust by delivering what's needed on time and within budget - over and over. To do this we use a best-fit business model and deliver only what's needed with minimal overhead and cost. Beginning with the initial meeting, we listen to the client, evaluate what's being said and identify the problem (opportunity) areas.

Our ultimate goal is to be a technology business partner on the enterprise level. However, often we will work on a single requisition order or a one-person project to demonstrate the value we can deliver. Over time we strive to develop a relationship built on trust and value that is mutually rewarding - and this may begin with a single consultative sale.

Either way, when identifying a solution, we first come to understand the problem. We then know whether the customer should buy, buy-and-customize or build a custom solution. We do not resell software or install and customize other software. However, we do build software from the ground-up and often this extends or integrates into other systems.

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